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Our body clocks have undoubtedly adjusted. We reliably wake between 05:30 and 06:00 every day! Sadly 'though, as we travel north sunrise is earlier and even by 05:30 the sun is halfway up the sky and we miss the first sight of the sun in the morning.

It was my turn to ride in the front of the truck today. We set off at 07:30 to arrive in Chitimba Camp for 16:30, where we camp on the beach again by Lake Malawi. The journey was far more interesting than normal, largely due to the fantastic scenery, also accompanied by the front suspension and the opportunity to prepare for the monster potholes. The drive up to Mzuzu was great, the land here is so lush compared to the previous towns and villages we have travelled through. The city is so much higher up so the rainfall is greater and the temperature cooler. Everything obviously thrives from it, especially the rubber trees of which there was an entire forest! Paul explained to me that you need a PhD to drive in Africa - Pothole Dodging! The final few kilometres of the journey, once we had exited the mountain pass, reminded me of the snails ride in Great Yarmouth, only obviously much larger but just as frightening if not more so in a sixteen tonne truck! I was so pleased I was seated in the front of the truck for this part! The road we were using was meandering left to right across the real road the Malawians have been spending three years building, with European funding, but still haven't completed. Not only did it meander but it was also very humpy like a rollercoaster.

Before dinner, due to the disgusting state of the two busy showers, we all opt for a Malawi Bath instead and throw a ball around in the lake while Paul slaves over a hot fire.

We were spoiled with supper tonight in a big way. Paul served caramelised bananas made with a tub of margarine, half a kilogram of sugar and a generous serving of cheap brandy. It was served with custard and was marvellous. Needless to say Ian went back for more...