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A farewell to Rich and Deb who were leaving the Drifters tour to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and off we set on our final drive to Nairobi.

The border crossing into Kenya was problem free, except for the ever present Masai people trying to sell us more curios. Camels and ostrich were seen by the roadside. We had lunch in the airport car park which gave us an opportunity to confirm our flights for Friday, which we did with no problems. We now stay at Heron Court hotel, in Nairobi, for two nights, hoping to leave with a full set of clean clothes.

I also took the opportunity to exchange my novel for one that found it's way into Paul's onboard library.

I had a panic when Mum phoned me to say that the Federal Express package hadn't arrived from Arusha despite it being due by Monday. Federal Express had no record of our tracking number. I rushed to the cyber cafe downstairs to see for myself to evenutally find that it had only just been despatched today! I will continue to fret until Mum confirms safe receipt!

As it was our final dinner together before everyone went off in their seperate directions we all exchanged addresses and e-mail addresses before bidding each other a safe journey home and onward!