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I have explosive diarrhoea and I don't feel very well with it. Still exhausted from the lack of sleep last night we wander aimlessly up and down the airport terminals going to and fro terminal one and terminal two by the monorail skytrain. It's something to do and it's free.

Upon disembarkation we noted the offer or a free New Asia - Singapore tour which tempted us into 'wasting' a couple of hours out of the fourteen we were restricted to spend inside the airport terminals. Surrendering our passports to the tour agent where they would be held at immigration permitted us to leave the terminal buildings with a guide and be shown the business, government and theatrical buildings of the city and the famous hotels that Singapore had to offer. We made a stop by the river, were transferred into bumboats, a form of transport which used to be in use to transfer the cargo from the ships into the city, and were given a brief tour along Singapore river. Minutes later we were returned to the airport. It was a very popular tour, which I suspect was primarily because it was free, yet it was a good introduction to Singapore and gave us an idea of where we would like to visit when we return for a longer stay in February.

The tour guide was mad. She was like a female version of Georgie, from Dar Es Salaam, with her constant laughter and mutterings to herself.

While the heavy rainstorm flooded the runways of Singapore Changi airport we ate a sandwich waiting for the final hours to pass before our departure to Auckland.