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The alarm went off for 1 hour 30 minutes before Ian decided to help me out of bed. We had another breakfast in the youth hostel, energy, for the day ahead. We are burdened with duties today including arranging accommodation for tomorrow night and for Tonga next week.

I managed to arrange accommodation in the YHA for the next two nights which takes us up to our departure for Tonga on Monday.

During our session in the cyber cafe our Korean host remarked on our long stories that we are typing up. Ian agreed that they were very long, the books are complete. Our host replied 'it's good for me!' to which we laughed.

With a hearty pub lunch and a beer in our stomachs we completed our first cyber cafe session in a final sitting of 8 hours and enjoyed another chocolate supper as the basis on which to take our anti-malarial pills. The task has taken us a total of 37 hours each to type eight weeks of journal entries but at least now we can relax again and enjoy our weekend in Auckland knowing that the job is complete and our experiences are on the internet for the whole world to read!