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Needless to say it wasn't dawn yet once again we were awoken by the sound of cockerels, dogs barking and pigs grunting.

We declined an invitation to join our German hosts, Herbert and Sofia, for an evening meal as we were planning to go to the closest neighbouring island of Pangaimotu for the day and then enjoy a meal at a restaurant by the harbour on our return to Tongatapu.

A 15 minute slow boat ride took us to the island. Ian and I decided to navigate the circumference of the island, taking in some lovely views of neighbouring islands, palm trees and the deserted beaches we found ourselves enlessly travelling. It took us over an hour to complete the circuit, pausing for many minutes to photograph the spectacular brightly coloured tiny crabs. The inner island was a moving blanket of red and black, and yellow and black, crabs. They were marvellous, so bright and cheerful! There was the odd ring backed fish swimming in the shallow waters of the beach but not much life anywhere except for the crabs, just metres and metres of undisturbed beach...

Back on the main island, as I showered, Tongans were singing Christmas Carols somewhere in the distance. It was beautiful.

As a special treat Ian marched me a long way to the harbour in search of some dinner only to find that the restaurant was closing! He then marched me on to another restaurant, where we dined, before marching me back to the lodge for our final few hours in Tonga. I certainly won't miss the mosquitoes in Tonga. They persistently bit me throughout the week!