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The day began with a dry sore throat and a trip back to see the nurse for some more puncture wounds in the form of travel vaccinations. I commented on my sore throat as a matter of precaution regarding the impending third Hepatitis B and combined Tetanus/Diphtheria injections. We decided that the former vaccination would be fine and the latter could be delayed a week just to be safe, which was perfectly acceptable by me considering I had, yet again, left my vaccination card in Henley on Thames.

Our intended trip in to Reading straight after work was delayed by half an hour as I searched for a suitable something to give to my Mum on my departure at the end of the month.

When we arrived in Reading the car park was virtually empty. I wondered how many of the high street shops had stayed open especially for us... Needless to say the only place in Reading that stays open until 8 o'clock each weekday, apart from the countless bars and fast food joints, is the Oracle. There aren't many outdoor shops in the Oracle.

However, we did manage to buy another pair of cargo trousers for Ian to accompany his heavy duty pair of cargo trousers that he has now decided not to return to GAP...because he likes them. I made it clear that I wasn't prepared to carry them in my million-pocketed rucksack as a precautionary act, but I would choose to home the lighter pair as a generous act on my part instead.

By the time we got home my throat was stinging and my body couldn't decide if it was hot or cold so I retired to bed for the night.