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Having booked ourselves on a three day dive trip to commence on Wednesday, a three day dive trip to commence on Monday from Airlie Beach and a trip to Cape Tribulation tomorrow, we booked the final private room for tonight and tomorrow night before checking out of our room and having a hot chocolate in the mall. I collected some bits from the YHA leaving Ian to read the newspaper and obtained access to our next room at the YHA. Then we went in our seperate directions, Ian to the post office, me to the cyber cafe. Ian joined me in the cyber cafe once he had organised the redirection of his mail from Waverley post office, in Sydney.

We ate lunch and made accommodation arrangements for each night remaining in Australia bar the two nights in between our dive trips and the night preceeding our arrival in Brisbane. Then Ian returned to the cyber cafe and I spent a good hour admiring the works of Peter Lik in his gallery in Cairns. Then I bought a multipack of twenty camera films from Kodak Express and returned to the cyber cafe for 3 hours 30 minutes. As the sun began to set the bats arrived in the trees again and I could hear their racket from inside the cyber cafe. They only seem to make their noise during dusk.

We ate an Italian meal which was a bit hit and miss and then retired for the night.

I can hear geckos making their cackling sound again outside.