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After an extended breakfast, which took us until 12:00, we tried to exchange some books in a couple of bookshops which claimed to accept books, but failed as they weren't interested in mine, much to my disgust.

In the heat if the hottest part of the day we began wandering around Chiang Mai, still resisting the ever present numerous offers from tuk-tuk drivers. We walked down the dirty roadsides and gawped at several wats before somehow managing to end up in the middle of the Chiang Mai womens correctional institute. We walked straight through it and out the other side. Ian acquired some more films to replenish my diminished stock. As we walked towards the old city Southern wall I stepped over an open drain just as a rat scurried along the sewer.

We stopped at a pub on the way back towards the guest house and had a beer whilst catching up with the developments in Iraq and watching Tony Blair's question and answer session. One beer followed another, and another and we decided to eat pizza in the pub, accompanied by another beer.